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Know Us

We at InnGenius strongly believe that every one is Genius. We just need to explore that Innate Genius inside us:

  1. Evaluation: We conduct Dermatoglyhics Multiple Intelligence test to understand a human brain. This helps candidate to understand his strengths and create wonderful results in his life.
  2. Counsellings: Our expert Counselling team is creating wonderful impacts and creating transformations in candidates required areas. One Counselling with our team has potential of changing lives.
  3. Remedies: we provide several remedies to enhance intelligences. Many workshops , seminars are conducted for this. Remedies we provide are easy to work upon and result oriented.
  4. Mneomonics: This is a science which helps to memorize long list of 100 items, long numbers of 50 digits or even more, dates of history ,formulae and periodic tables which otherwise are almost difficult otherwise. Mneomonics is helping students in school lives and specially who are preparing for entrance tests.