Mid Brain Activation

MidBrain acts like a communication bridge connecting Left Brain and Right Brain. MidBrain must be activated and fully functional to balance the usage of left brain and right brain.

Mid Brain Activation Benefits

MidBrain Activation helps in: Super IQ, Speed Learning, Multiple Languages Mastery, Creative Talent, Photographic memory, Bring out their hidden human possibilities etc.


Dermatoglyphs is the study of the pattern on fingers and hands. These patterns are unique and are heavily linked with one's genetic composition and are closely related to our nervous system. In the other words, Dermatoglyphs can reveal our intrinsic qualities and talents.

School & Authority

Inngenius works with schools to deliver the Inngenius methodology and counselling within the institution's pedagogical framework. Parents can opt to avail of concessional terms offered specially at schools..

About Us

We at InnGenius strongly believe that every one is Genius. We just need to explore that Innate Genius inside us

Evaluation: We conduct Dermatoglyhics Multiple Intelligence test to understand a human brain. This helps candidate to understand his strengths and create wonderful results in his life.

Counsellings: Our expert Counselling team is creating wonderful impacts and creating transformations in candidates required areas. One Counselling with our team has potential of changing lives.